Success Stories

I went to see Martina as I had a serious dog phobia. I immediately felt relaxed with her and she was very welcoming and greeted me with a big smile on her face. She explained a little bit about hypnotherapy and how she would be working with me.

I had four sessions with Martina and I am now able to stroke a dog and be in the same room as one without having a panic attack. I highly recommend Martina to anyone who may have any phobias or issues they would like to solve. (M.A.2015)

After suffering a heart attack I developed health anxiety, becoming hyper vigilant about any ache or pain in my body, to the point that it totally characterised my life.  I stopped doing the things I enjoyed and was totally focused on how I was feeling and had become very inward looking. I went to see Martina as I was at a loss as to how to deal with the anxiety and get control of my life again.  After six weeks of therapy with Martina the anxiety has all but disappeared, I’m better equipped and can truly relax when I need to, and I’ve also stopped smoking, so I honestly couldn’t have asked for more. (N.H. 2015)

Hi Martina thank you so much for all your help in helping me overcome my vaginismus and also help me to learn how to control my anxiety, I never thought I would get through it until I met you and you helped me learn how to relax and find out the underlining reasons why I suffered with vaginismus and anxiety, I am extremely happy and over the moon ex tactic (sic) with the progress I have made and I feel like a much more happy and positive person, thank you again for all your help I truly believe in hypnosis and the outcome you can achieve. (L.P. 2015)

I have had the great honor to have had my hypnosis therapy lessons with Martina, which I have enjoyed greatly. I’m so happy that I chose her, as she is so professional, and she is just so calm and easy to get along with. I was so scared when I first entered the room, because I thought it was gonna be just like I have seen on TV, but this was completely different. It was relaxing and just felt so safe being around her and having her treatments. I will highly recommend sugar addiction hypnosis to everyone else, it is amazing – and Martina is an amazing therapist.  (J.J. 2015)

Thank you so much for everything you did to help me overcome my food issues. I am really proud of what I’ve achieved and have continued to try new foods with great success. I would really like to write a testimony for your website as you have helped me changed my life, and I am now confident when trying new foods, and do not automatically say ‘I don’t like it’ without even trying it!
Thank you once again, your work really has been life changing for me! (J. F.2015)

I visited Martina hoping to tackle my weight and food issues but I feel like I got so much more out of our sessions than just weight loss. I have lost weight but I’ve also changed my eating habits, cut back on my alcohol intake, reassessed my priorities in life, updated my image, got my confidence back, am sleeping better and I’ve even started dating again! I feel very positive about the future and I genuinely can’t recommend hypnotherapy enough

. Thank you so much Martina. (H.C.2015)

‘I went to see Martina for some gentle persuasion not to be so greedy, especially in between meals. I booked 3 sessions with her and was amazed at the results. Not only did I lose any desire to eat when bored, Martina also uncovered the fundamental reasons for comfort eating through hypnosis. I learnt how to re-enter a state of hypnosis on my own to retune my subconscious to be a little more reasonable!! The results are very powerful and booking treatment through Martina is a life changing event. The hypnosis process is very gentle and yet extremely effective. Martina has an ability to instil total confidence and therefore the ability to enter a hypnotic state is made very easy.’ (V.C.2015)

Hi Martina
Thanks for our session last night and for your help in dealing with my long standing weight issues. I would be happy for you to quote my experience in your care.
It has been a revelation to me. You helped me realise that I was eating to try and fill a huge emotional hole created by the death of several close relatives. It has been like the flicking of a switch. I now have a totally different attitude to food. It used to be that I would be either eating everything in sight or eating next to nothing. Now I can eat when I am hungry and have actually on several occasions, forgotten to eat a meal. I still have the odd treat and don’t worry about it. I know I still have a long way to go, at least another couple of stones to lose, but I have lost the feelings of panic I used to have. I know the weight will come off and feel very calm and confident about that. I would urge anyone considering hypnotherapy to help them lose weight to go ahead. It has been a life-changing experience for me.
Thank you so much. I will keep you posted about my progress. (B.G.2015)

Martina thank you for all you have done for me and giving me back my life. I will go forward a much stronger,positive person and start my life as from today!! Thanks is not enough. Yours Gratefully. (Y.W. 2015)

“Hi Martina
I wanted to message to express my gratitude for the therapy I received. I returned form Cyprus yesterday (so 2 flights)  and what can I say amazing! I wasn’t nervous, scared, anxious nothing! I just had a rational voice I  my head telling me the normal things about a flight rather than my ‘oh my god somethings wrong’ voice. We had a particularly bumpy flight home with the cabin crew having to be seated also and this was for over an hour over the alps, and I was fine, I even felt excited at the take off and landing and just cant believe it.
Thank you so much for all your help I will continue to use the recording before a flight although I hope I don’t need it, it doesn’t wear off does it? It was such a relief and relaxing for the first time in about 9 years. I just cannot believe how well it worked and I thank you for that. Wishing you all the very best for the future.” (V.E.2014)

I’m really impressed with how much the hypnosis has made a difference to my stress and anxiety levels. I feel so much more calm and in control. My productivity levels have increased dramatically and I’ve been able to make more informed choices with regards to food, this has stopped me from binging and becoming wound up in a yoyo dieting habit. I’ve been amazed me by how simple and relaxing the process has been, I’d recommend it to anyone with anxiety and stress. (A.C.2014)

“Thank you for the hypnotherapy sessions we had. I have found them so beneficial and motivational. I now believe that I have the mind power to overcome my weight issues and I thank you for allowing me to have belief in myself again.” (A.H.2014)

“Hi Martina, I thought I would just write and let you know that I have lost just over 12 kg (2 stone) since i first came to see you in March. It’s about 20 weeks I think.

Being forever the skeptic I wasn’t entirely sure it would work but I was so wrong. I now think about everything I put on my plate and buy in the shops. I can now avoid sugar and sweet things even when they are offered. However I don’t deprive myself of that biscuit or cake or even chocolate I’m just now conscious of what I’m eating.

I feel better than I have in a long time about myself and feel so much more positive and know that I will continue to loose those those lbs and inches and dress sizes (I’ve lost 2 so far). I want to thank you for your help and guidance and would recommend you and your treatment to anyone who needs to make changes in their life.Thank you so much.” (E.O. 2014)

“I was reluctant to have hypnotherapy and was not sure as to what it would entail. However after getting in touch with Martina and speaking to her over the phone I felt at ease and clear about how hypnotherapy would help me. When I met Martina, although the sessions were at her home, she made me feel extremely comfortable and was very welcoming. She explained exactly what each session would contain and how far hypnotherapy can dwell into your subconscious.

After my first session, Martina sent me an audio to listen to every night. Listening to the audio on its own was a great way to relieve some of my anxiety and stress but the sessions with Martina are extremely valuable in determining what the underlying cause of your problems may be.

I have suffered from anxiety, lack of focus, lack of confidence and a fear of public speaking for years. I assumed that these would be addressed directly. The great thing about Martina’s method is that she does not directly address the issues but finds out the root causes of them. I would never have assumed that my lack of focus derived from the bullying of my early school days. During my second session, I became extremely emotional and although emotionally I felt really scared, I also felt safe knowing that Martina would bring me out of the hypnosis if things got too tough. In four sessions Martina addressed all of my issues. She has been extremely supportive before, during and after my sessions. I know that I can get in touch with her at any point with any question I may have.

Thank you so much Martina for all your help, I can’t explain how much it has changed my life.” (D.D.2014)

“Dear Martina, Good Sunday afternoon. I hope all is well with you.
I promised to update you on my progress. All is going well with the golfball. Eating, but very much less. Have dropped lots of weight, not sure how much but every time I try something it is looser than it was the last time. I guess 1 to 1.5 stone spread out since when I first saw you. It is nice to get back into old clothes. I don’t need a new wardrobe, I just open the boxes with a small size of clothing. Best wishes and thanks for the help.” (S.L.2014)

“For several months I had been utterly sleep deprived and despite being exhausted, and feeling extremely tired, I simply could not get off to sleep or stay asleep longer than a couple of hours. It was complete torment as I began to obsess about sleep, yet it still evaded me. I had tried a wide range of herbal tablets, relaxation cd’s, foot pads, you name it, before reluctantly resorting to sleeping tablets which made me feel terrible the rest of the day, and I am very medication adverse anyway.

By the time I visited Martina I was absolutely desperate to get a good night’s sleep, as it seemed I had got “out of the habit” of sleeping and had been signed off sick from work, as I was physically & emotionally exhausted.

At the first session, I was given a sleep regime to follow to the letter & a CD to listen to before going to bed. To my amazement over the next few days, I did get into a pattern of sleeping & enjoyed a luxurious 6 hours of unbroken sleep last night, which is such an enormous relief.

Don’t hesitate, if you are suffering with insomnia, go and see Martina – you owe it to yourself!” (S.K 2014)

“Hello Martina. Thank you for your insight and professional manner in which you helped me, the way I deal with any anxiety now is with a rational mind and not a perceived view of horror and doom , a skilled and excellent professional in any walk of life makes their job appear almost effortless and to your immense credit that is how you came across , I know you put a lot of work in to get to the level you are and I have gained an insightful and positive outlook from you so once again thank you.” (M.S.2014)

“I went to see Martina as I have been struggling with insomnia since a very young age and it has continued throughout my adulthood. I have tried all sorts of things, but nothing has worked. I have never had hypnotherapy, but I thought it would be worth a try. I used to find that it would very frequently take me several hours to get to sleep and I would lie awake tossing and turning and worrying until the early hours of the morning. I was frequently having to survive on 3-4 hours’ sleep a night. In my first session with Martina, she listed to my sleep history for the first part of the session and even just talking to her about it was therapeutic and helpful. She seemed to understand my issues immediately and was really empathetic, which made a huge positive difference. After that Martina undertook some relaxing hypnotherapy and I had to adhere to certain ‘sleep rules’ for the next two weeks. During those two weeks, there was only one night when it took me a bit longer to get off to sleep, but even then it was only an hour or so, compared to the usual 4 hours or so. I went back for a follow up session to discuss the outcome of the two week trial and also to have a ‘reinforcement session’.  

The whole experience has made a huge difference to the way I feel about my insomnia issues and it made me realise how very stressed I have been about not sleeping and how much of an impact it was having on all aspects of my life. I am now not afraid of getting into bed. I know I can go to sleep and I know if I do have trouble getting to sleep there are things I can do to combat it. To say it is life changing is an understatement. I know I will probably always have some issues with sleep, but knowing that there are positive steps I can take to get back on track is such a huge relief. I am so grateful to Martina and I would highly recommend her to anyone who is experiencing problems sleeping for whatever reason.” (M.C.2014)

“Hi Martina. Many thanks for the follow up, it is much appreciated. I get the odd craving, but there isn’t a chance in hell I’m ever going to smoker again,….it’s fab being a non smoker! Only problem is that everything I own stinks of fags now!!” (I.R 2014)

“Hi Martina. Thank you very much for our sessons together. I found your approach to my problem really positive and I feel entirely enabled to carry on my fairly chocolate free regime. I shall also feel confident to return to you if I need a booster session.” (S.S. 2014)

“I went to see Martina following many months of chemotherapy and a stem cell transplant. I was having difficulty in swallowing the large number of tablets prescribed and was frequently sick. I had become very anxious about the medication and about swallowing in general. Martina helped me to recognise that severe anxiety and tendency to over catastrophize was my main problem. Through hypnotherapy she helped me identify my fears about taking the tablets and to take control. She also helped me make a link between eating and taking the tablets and making a good recovery. Since consulting Martina I have been able to take tablets without difficulty and have become much less fearful about eating in general.” (H.R.2014)

“My insomnia was getting progressively worse. Every week I would go to work having had at least one night of what felt like no sleep at all and frequent nights of lying awake until the early hours going over and over soemething that had happened in the day. Even when I did fall asleep, I regularly awoke at 4.00am. My husband suggested hypnosis. I had two sessions with Martina and I am thrilled to say that I am sleeping well every night and my alarm now wakes me up. After the first session I received an audio to download and lots of instructions to follow. I kept to all the instructions and listen to the audio in bed every night. I now regard bedtime as a pleasurable comfortable time rather than torture and feel restored when I wake up in the morning.” (L.K. 2014)

“Hi Martina just wanted to let you know its nearly 3 years since I came to you for smoking.I was smoking 30-40 fags a day not even had a puff since seeing you THANKYOU” (T.P.2014)

“I have suffered with social anxiety and blushing since I was a teenager and thought I would give Hypnosis a go. I can honestly say its the best thing I have ever done. Martina has helped me to get over my social anxiety and blushing. I feel full of confidence and am very excited about my future!” (L.W.2014)

“Martina’s stop smoking course has been brilliant for me. I wanted to kick the habit but constantly struggled to break the cycle. Martina was clear and made the whole process simple and made me believe I could do it!” (J.T. 2014)

“Martina I don’t think I could have done this without you, thank you for helping me. I feel wonderful and proud of what I achieved.” (N.K 2014 – Hypno-Band Client)

“I visited Martina to seek help for chronic insomnia. Since implementing the suggestions she made, both the quality and duration of my sleep, as well as my attitude towards my insomnia have substantially improved.” (J.C. 2014)

“The Hypno-Band has changed my life. Not just my weight but my emotions and confidence. It has woken me up. The whole plan has been extremely helpful.” (R.R. 2013)

“I just wanted to thank Martina for helping me with my struggle in weight loss. She has given me a postive outlook on what I eat and in the way I eat it. I have completely chnaged my food intake and am now on the straight to losing weight. Without the help of Martina I would never have had the confidence in changing the way I think about food. My weight is coming off steadily which is a good thing, even with going on holiday too.

For anyone out there struggling with things in life then give Martina a call at the clinic and without a doubt you will feel motivated in whatever you want to achieve. Whether it is weight or smoking or anxiety they are there to help and guide you. Thank you once again.” (W.L. 2013)

“I came to see Martina in a total mess about my life and relationships. In just a few sessions while reflecting on my life and things I need to improve I have completely turned around. I’m more confident and happy. I can now face life. (B.P. 2013)

The Hypno-Band program is a great compliment to anyone who is serious about losing weight. It’s not a miracle cure but is does give you the best foundations to commit to a lifelong change. Martina is very friendly and professional and puts you at ease from the start. I would definately recommend her program as an alternative to surgery.” (L.S. 2013)

“I loved the work we did on my mind before the band was fitted as it helped me understand why I was overeating. I now recognise when I am full and it has strengthened my mindset to make healthy choices.” (H.E. 2013)

“Since I saw you on the 25th June, I have kept my sugar intake under control. Although I have eaten a small number of sugary foods (a couple of ice creams and a couple of small desserts) I do feel much more in control of the situation. I have still not eaten chocolate, despite there being several tests of my willpower (mainly by other people!).

I also feel I have now moved to a place where I an choose to have a small treat occasionally, but that it will not be a slippery slope back to where I was before. Many thanks for your help with this issue.” (M.E. 2013)

“Before I started my hypnotherapy treatment I was seriously considering not going on my holiday because of my worries about the flight. Now I am looking forward to getting on the plane and enjoying my holiday.” (J.P. 2013)

“Since the sessions I can’t particularly stand the smell of smoke and looking at other people who do smoke I feel a strong sense of “not belonging” to them…. I have not touched a cigarette since our last session.” (R.C. 2013)

“I went to see Martina McKeough about my problems, lack of confidence and jealousy and my fear of being late. I was blown away with the results I got so far. My results are getting stronger day by day. I would recommend Martina to anyone who wants results.” (D.L.2013)

“I would like to thank you for all you have done for me. I now feel no anxiety after the sessions with yourself. You have made me a more confident person and feel that I can achieve what I want in life.” (M.A. 2013)