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Did you know that nearly 97% of hypnotherapists in the UK see less than 15 clients per week? That statistic is shocking in itself but it means that a considerable amount of that 97% are seeing considerably less clients per week. In fact many trained clinical hypnotherapists may be lucky if they see one or two clients per week which means that many of our profession work part time on their career. Well I don’t know about you but if I was seeing that few clients per week I would want to know why? So if you are one of that whopping percentage of idle therapists what are you doing to turn your business around? If you haven’t invested in any professional Hypnotherapy Marketing Training or Mentoring then why not?

Frankly working so few hours per week is no good for the hypnotherapist and certainly no good for the client. Yes you have your diploma that says that you are a qualified professional but we all know that unless you are seeing people regularly your skills quickly become out of date. On top of that when you see a large number of clients per week you skills are constantly improving which means that as you grow your niche areas you become better and better at solving your clients problems. Frankly I wouldn’t want to have an operation by a surgeon who hardly ever operates and I certainly wouldn’t have confidence in a hypnotherapist that sees no clients. I think that most hypnotherapists who see so few clients know this as well but have buried their head in the sand.

For those of you who know that they need to take action then I have created a Hypnotherapy Marketing Ebook as well as a mentoring program to help you succeed as a full time hypnotherapist. Not only that but my aim is to help you build a booming business that will not only get you a steady stream of high paying clients but will also help you to build other income streams that will earn you money even when you are sleeping.

So what do I know about marketing a hypnotherapy practice? Well I can tell you just over three years ago when I started my practice very little apart from the very basics that I was taught in my hypnotherapy course. What I did however have was years of training in trading and business development and I understood very quickly that most of the hypnotherapists around me locally had businesses that didn’t add up. In other words they clearly were small part time hobbies that were making no money. It was obvious that their websites were so poor that they couldn’t be found in the search engines. If you did find their sites they were poorly written, had little content and  were not created for search engine optimisation. It didn’t take me long to leap frog ahead of them in the Google rankings and start taking their business from them.

From then on I have had month on month growth. In fact I now have so many client calls that I have had to hire a team of virtual assistants to answer my calls. I also found that I was regularly getting featured in the media as well. So far I have consulted for the BBC and ITV. I have worked on a TV pilot with a major production company. My articles have appeared in some of the biggest publications in the country and I have also appeared on the radio. Not only that I have worked with huge businesses such as Tesco on employee stress management, built a business around my audio downloads and run hypnotherapy training courses as well.

Hypnotherapy Marketing Ebook

I believe that Hypnotherapy Marketing can be taught and with the right mentor and information everyone has the capability of building a business like mine. Providing you are willing to put in the time and effort with the right guidance you can take your business to another level. That is why for 2015 I am offering Hypnotherapy Marketing Mentoring to a small number of hypnotherapists so they can achieve a full time thriving hypnotherapy practice like mine. For a small investment of £450 I will work with you over four one hour sessions to examine every aspect of your business model and make recommendations that will change the way you operate. In fact I am so confidant that you will make the investment back that I will give you your money back if you don’t recoup your investment.  That is of course providing you follow my advice to the letter. Anyone signing up to my mentoring package will also get my Hypnotherapy Marketing Ebook included in the package.

To sign up to my Hypnotherapy Marketing program simply click below to arrange your payment by PayPal. Once the transaction is complete I will contact you within one working day to arrange your sessions with you. So stop making excuses for 2015. Build the business that you really deserve and make your investment today.


Hypnotherapy Marketing



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