Hypnotherapy for Weight Loss

Lose Weight Naturally

Weight Loss Hypnotherapy is a natural and safe way to make permanent changes to your eating habits for good. As an experienced Weight loss Hypnotherapist I can help you to increase your willpower, reduce your appetite and build your confidence so that you can make the changes necessary to become slimmer and healthier. Hypnotic Weight Loss does not involve any fad diets, expensive supplements or group meetings. Instead my Weight Loss Hypnotherapy programme allows me to work on a one to one basis with my clients to explore the reasons why they are unable to lose weight. My Weight Loss program concentrates on changing your old habits and behaviours as well as tackling any of the emotional reasons that you have for over eating.

Hypnotherapy Weight Loss Treatments

Balance Hypnosis currently offers two forms of Weight Loss Hypnosis treatment. Martina McKeough is a fully licensed practitioner of the unique Hypno-Band program. This system has been written about frequently in the media because of its ability to help clients lose significant amounts of weight whilst training them to alter their eating habits for life. The Hypno-band© program can only be administered by a fully licensed practitioner and qualified hypnotherapist. Beware the imitators who claim to offer the program but who are not authorised practitioners. Fully Licensed Hypno-Band Hypnotic Gastric Band practitioners can be found on the official Hypno-Band website. www.hypnoband.com

In addition to the Gastric Hypno-Band Weight Loss System we also offer a premium Weight Loss for Life treatment plan. Our Hypnotherapy Weight Loss for Life Plan is individually tailored to suit your needs so that we create a unique program which will work for you. We recognise that every weight loss client has different needs, triggers and pressures in their life which need to be addressed. This Weight Loss program recognises that sometimes a one size fits all plan is not always enough. During this treatment a comprehensive case history is taken so that an individual Weight Loss Hypnosis plan is created which is unique to you.

Which Weight Loss Hypnosis treatment should I choose?

The Hypno-Band system is ideal for people who have a Body Mass Index of 30 or above and who do not have any physiological reasons for their weight problems. The Hypnotic Gastric band is generally not recommended for individuals with thyroid problems (unless stabilised) or insulin dependent diabetes. The Hypno-Band is a system which uses hypnotic suggestions of virtual gastric band surgery to trick the mind into eating less. This is combined with conscious eating techniques and deeper analysis. This system can be powerful but requires the input of the client. We do not sell miracle weight loss cures.

My Weight Loss for Life hypnotherapy is a system which is individually tailored to you and your needs. Many of my clients want to achieve permanent weight loss but because of other issues in their life such as stress, family, depression or lack of self control they feel unable to help themselves. The Hypnotherapy Weight Loss for Life program allows me to work with you over a number of sessions to tackle the reasons for your over eating so that you understand what triggers your problem. In particular we teach stress reduction methods, build motivation, assist with appetite control techniques and help you to stop associating emotions with hunger.

How Many Weight Loss Hypnotherapy sessions will I need?

The Hypno-Band program consists of four sessions. The first three sessions take place over a maximum period of six weeks with the final session taking place approximately one month to six weeks later.

The Weight Loss for Life program is a flexible program which is tailored to your needs. The number of sessions depends on the severity of the problems that need to be addressed. An average number of Hypnotherapy sessions to address an issue would be approximately four to six treatments.

Free Weight Loss Hypnotherapy Consultations

All potential clients are given a free telephone consultation before coming to see me so that I can check whether they are suitable candidates for Weight Loss Hypnotherapy. During this consultation I will ask you about you about your current motivations and reasons for wanting to lose weight. I may also ask you about your medical history and if necessary ask for a GP referral. The consultation is a two way process and also allows you to ask any questions you wish so that you are fully informed and comfortable about any potential hypnosis treatment

Why Diets Don’t Work

On most weight loss plans work by restricting the amount of calories that you eat per day or by asking you to cut out certain food groups. In the short term this may work, especially if you are motivated and exercise regularly. In the longer term you will find that your willpower starts to fade and that you begin to have powerful cravings for all the foods that are restricted. Before long you find that you can no longer live with all the restrictions that you have placed upon yourself and begin to start eating with a renewed appetite. Suddenly your weight will begin to increase again and before you know it you have piled on all the pounds that you have lost and in some cases even more. This is why so many people find that they spend their life yo-yo dieting.

Quick Weight Loss – Why it isn’t the answer

Losing Weight rapidly is not a healthy or productive. People who go on starvation diets will find that their Weight Loss regime will make them hungry all the time and crave food. Their metabolisms will also begin to slow as the body clings on to every last pound. This Fast Weight Loss is also potentially dangerous especially for people with existing medical issues. Weight Loss Hypnosis aims to help you lose weight but at a sensible rate so that the changes that you are making seem natural and automatic. A sensible weight loss using Hypnosis would be one to two pounds per week.

Why is Weight Loss Hypnotherapy different?

Using Hypnotherapy for Weight Loss is different because it can help many people to think about food in a different way, as a form or nourishment and not something that is used to tackle another emotion. We examine your current eating habits as well as working with you to build your self esteem, confidence, willpower and motivation so that you can make lasting changes. Using Hypnosis to Lose Weight can also enable many of our clients to discover the exact emotions that are causing them to overeat. Typical examples would be clients using food to combat unhappiness, stress, anxiety or comfort. Once the emotional reason for your eating is discovered then a hypnotherapist can work with you so that you begin to recognise real hunger rather than the emotional hunger that is making you over eat.

Does Losing Weight by Hypnotherapy create any side effects?

Weight Loss Hypnosis is a safe and natural treatment. It is not a fad diet which asks you to cut out food groups of dangerously restrict calories.

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