Hypnotherapy for Job Interview Nerves

Are you one of the many people who finds that even the thought of an interview makes you feel anxious and worried? Have you stayed in your current job for far too long because you are afraid of going through the interview process? Have you missed opportunities and panicked at the thought of trying to impress strangers? If so you are not alone. For many people even the thought of going for an interview is enough for them to feel stressed and panic. At our clinics we work with our clients using hypnotherapy for job interview nerves so that you feel calmer and more in control.

Any form of interview whether it is for a place at university or for a new job is stressful. This is because the person conducting the interview places you on the spot. They want you answer their questions in a confident, coherent and knowledgeable way. They want you to demonstrate that you can perform under pressure and to stand out when compared to the other candidates that you are competing against. It is no wonder that people do everything they can to avoid the situation.

Our specially devised confidence coaching program teaches you techniques to combat any nerves that you may have to so that you can shine in an interview setting. Hypnotherapy for job interview nerves works so well because it utilises natural relaxation to make you feel calm.

Conquer Your Fear of Interviews with Hypnosis

Any hypnotherapy sessions at our clinics will usually involve us working with you to identify the reason for your worries and anxieties. Generally you fear with be linked to something which has happened to you in the past. Perhaps your fear is due to a lack of confidence, a fear of authority figures or maybe you have a general anxiety. When we understand where the fear has come from we work with you to reprogram the way that you mind thinks about that problem rather than allowing your current trigger response to take over.

You will also be taught self hypnosis techniques so that you can get into a deep state of relaxation quickly and easily. This means that when you feel the fear beginning you will the capability of reducing it quickly and easily so that it is more manageable. Our program can also help you:

  • To boost your confidence and feel in control.
  • Work with you on managing awkward or tricky questions.
  • Mental Rehearsal and visualisation of interview situations.
  • Use body language to increase rapport.
  • How to control negative thoughts so you think like a winner.

It is possible with hypnosis for interview fears to make you relaxed, controlled and articulate even when you are faced with a barrage of questions. With a confident attitude and a passion for the position you can have a winning interview that gets you the job.

Booking Your Sessions

If you would like to hypnotherapy for job interview nerves sessions with us then please give us a call today. Expect to be with us for between two to four sessions depending on your problem unless severe anxiety is involved. We can be reached on 07771 804 974.