Fertility Hypnosis

Fertility Hypnosis is one of the great growth areas of hypnosis in the past few years. This is because recent academic studies have shown that using hypnosis to aid fertility can dramatically increase the odds of conception especially in the case of women undergoing IVF. It is so successful simply because hypnosis is a deep state of relaxation and this helps to counteract any stress or anxiety that may be felt when worrying about infertility problems. Hypnosis can also help to restore a mind/body balance and work with you to find any blockages which may be preventing pregnancy. Even better hypnosis can be used in conjunction with medical treatments in order to help you maximise the odds of having a child.

IVF Hypnotherapy

One of the most quoted studies showing the effectiveness of hypnosis is work that was carried out at Soroka University in Israel. Their study involved a group of 189 women who were split into a control group and a hypnosis group. 89 women received hypnosis and of that group 28% became pregnant. In the control group of 96 women only 14% of the women became pregnant. In other words the hypnosis helped to double the success rate of the IVF. This study also reported that using hypnosis helped the women to relax and feel much more positive and prepared for the treatment they were to receive.

This study shows exactly how Fertility Hypnosis can help you whether you are attempting to have a child naturally or through IVF. Hypnosis can help to reduce your stress levels and reduce any tension or negative thoughts you may created about conception. Our job is to help you manage your emotions to create a more positive mindset regarding any fertility issues.

Hypnosis for Fertility Treatments

We offer a wide range of fertility packages which are suitable for all our clients.

Natural Pregnancy Treatment – This program consists of three sessions which help you to reduce your stress levels and prepare yourself for pregnancy. During our sessions you will learn self hypnosis and visualisation techniques to help you feel positive and in control.

IVF Program – This program is designed to assist you during every step of your IVF journey. We work with you before, during and after your treatment so that you remain as calm and relaxed as you can possibly be during your treatment. If necessary we address any limiting beliefs before treatment begins. This program takes place over five one hour sessions.

Removing Negative Beliefs or Blockages – This program is ideal for people who believe that something is holding them back from becoming pregnant. During these sessions we use a form of analytical hypnosis to find out the root causes for any issues which may be preventing conception. This program consists of four one hour sessions.

Additional Support – We also offer support for clients who may need to address lifestyle issues which may be preventing pregnancy. We offer weight loss sessions and smoking cessation at an extra cost. Please feel free to contact us for more details on our programs and prices.

Hypnotherapy for Fertility in London

Our fertility hypnosis works with you to find bespoke solution to your unique circumstances. In particular we:

  • Tailor all our sessions to meet your needs
  • Work with you to uncover any subconscious resistance
  • Teach you deep relaxation and stress reduction techniques
  • Help you to make lifestyle changes to maximise your chances of pregnancy
  • Work with your health professionals not against them
  • Create a state of mental preparation for IVF treatment
  • Help you deal with any fears such as career impact, increased weight or issues with your relationship
  • Assist you to deal with any past negative experiences including trauma or loss.

If you would like more information about our Fertility Hypnosis program then please feel free to give us a call. We offer all our clients a free telephone consultation before booking. Simply ring 07771 804 974