Hypnotherapy for Confidence

Suffering from low confidence or self-esteem can have a big impact on your life and prevent you from achieving your goals. Perhaps you feel that your low confidence is holding you back at work and preventing you from getting promotion. Or in your social life your worries and fears may be  preventing you from socialising or even finding a partner. In fact you may find that you are unable to act on any opportunities that come your way because you are afraid of failure or believe you simply don’t deserve success. Hypnotherapy for Confidence helps you to overcome these negative thoughts so that you begin to achieve what you really want.

Confidence Hypnosis is one of the cornerstones of virtually all hypnotherapy treatments. You see whether you want to reduce your weight. stop smoking or perform better in your sport a hypnotherapist will always give suggestions for confidence. We instill in our clients a belief that when they put their mind to it they can achieve absolutely anything.  It many cases it really is that simple because when we believe in ourselves we can achieve anything. Many of the limitations that we place on ourselves are generally artificial creations held up by a belief system that has been created over many years. Nobody is born with a lack of confidence. Instead a lack of confidence is created by negative comments and experiences which are compounded over time. Hypnotherapy for Confidence helps you to understand where these negative thoughts have come from so you can remove the barriers preventing you from experiencing your full potential.

When a person understands where their negative belief system has come from it is easier to change those thoughts. A typical example would be a child who had a critical teacher who told them they would never be a great public speaker. The child believes what the teacher says and it becomes a self fulfilling prophecy. You may have long forgotten the comments from this teacher but the belief that you could not speak in public continues to exist. Our hypnosis sessions in this case would show you that what that teacher said was simply not true and that those thoughts need to be altered because they are based on one persons opinion and should not be sustained.

Our confidence programs work with you to uncover where you problem many have begun as well as giving you techniques and strategies to help you move forward. All our sessions are designed to help you manage your issues in a clam and relaxed manner. Through the use of positive suggestions, future rehearsal, NLP and deeper therapeutic interventions we can assist you to feel more positive so that you are willing to try new experiences.

Confidence Hypnosis London

At Balance Hypnotherapy we have created a four session program to help our clients get the confidence that they deserve. Our hypnosis sessions will enable you to build on your existing resources so that you can become more confident and in control. Just some of the work we may cover in these sessions includes:

Eliminating Thoughts of Past Failures – Instead of dwelling on where things may have gone wrong in the past we help you to learn from these issues so that you can move forward.

Ignoring the Critics – We teach you to forget about the people who have been critical to you either in the past or the present. They have an opinion but in most cases what they may have said is simply not true. There is no point in focussing on negativity as it does not help.

Stopping Negative Self Talk – Teaching you to understand that the critical voice in your mind is only there because you let it. Place in a positive thoughts instead and you can change the way you feel.

Ignore External Distractions – Sometimes people crumble when they see that others are watching them. We can teach you to ignore those distractions and create an internal focus which will allow you to do your tasks with ease.

Reduce Negative Physical  Feelings – When we feel fearful or anxious we can often experience physical symptoms as well. Perhaps sweating, butterflies in the stomach, stomach upsets or nausea. Through the use of deep relaxation many of these unpleasant symptoms can simply disappear.

Control Your Emotions – When we lack control it is easy to get upset, angry or irritated. Learning to reduce those negative feelings is important as they use up energy which can be better placed elsewhere.

Building Motivation – Thinking about doing something is simply not enough. Have the belief and the willpower to carry a task through is hugely important. We can give suggestions for motivation to spur you into action.

Booking Your Hypnotherapy For Confidence Sessions

Before booking any clients for our Hypnotherapy for Confidence sessions we are always happy to give you a free consultation on the phone. As all our clients are unique we like to hear exactly what issues you are experiencing a problem with and discuss whether our confidence program is right for you or whether we believer you would need an alternative. To find our more or book your sessions today simply ring us on 07771 804 974 and book your free consultation.