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For those of you that are unaware Balance Hypnosis London also offer Hypnotherapy Courses London. Under our sister company London Hypnotherapy Courses we offer a wide range of hypnosis courses to suit students looking to learn more about hypnosis. Our foundation course gives you a great grounding in hypnotic techniques and takes you on the first step to becoming a hypnotherapist. If you want to learn more then we have a practitioners course which runs twice a year in London, Milton Keynes and also Brighton.  For fully qualified therapists we have two options including the prestigious master practitioner course. In addition for therapists looking for Continued Professional Development we have a number of courses which may be of interest.

This Saturday we are running our very latest CPD for marketing your hypnotherapy practice. Marketing is an area which is very often overlooked by therapists as they want to concentrate on learning techniques to use with their clients. Marketing is seen as boring and something which they reluctantly do. This is why nearly 85% of new hypnotherapists will stop practicing within a year of completing their course. They are unaware that marketing is the key to having a successful practice and without it there will be no clients. Our hypnotherapy courses London recognise this so our CPD is deliberately designed to help you attract those clients.

During this Hypnotherapy CPD course we discuss all aspects of marketing your business. In particular the course will explain how to utilise social media to attract clients with attention paid to Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Pinterest. We also discuss SEO and why it is so important to your business. The reason traditional directories are disappearing is because people are moving from the old booklet style searches to online. If you do not have a web presence and don’t appear on the first page of Google then you do not have a viable business. When you do have an excellent presence on the web then as well as attracting clients other amazing opportunities will come your way. Last year alone Martina McKeough the course leader was filmed for a TV pilot, appeared in Natonal Magazines and was on LBC radio.

If you have missed our Hypnotherapy Marketing course in Milton Keynes don’t worry as we are running another one in London in June. For more details about our Hypnotherapy Courses London then give us a call on 020 8351 2744 or visit our dedicated website http://www.londonhypnotherapycourses.co.uk.


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