Hypnosis for Sleep

Everyone at some point in their life will suffer with insomnia. It is usually triggered in times of stress and generally it will be relatively short lived lasting a couple of days or weeks. In rarer instances problems with sleep can carry on for months and even years and this is when hypnosis for sleep can be a great help. Sleep Hypnosis is so helpful because it helps you to manage your levels and stress and then if necessary find out the root cause of your problem.

Our Hypnosis for Sleep program is helpful for all manner of issues relating to sleep. For example many people have problems even getting to sleep at night and spend a good part of their evening lying awake desperate to drift off. Others are able to get to sleep but then find that after a few hours sleep they are wide awake in the middle of the night. Finally some people appear to sleep well but find that they are waking up far too early in the morning leaving them tired and irritable. This lack of sleep has a big impact on well-being and creates fatigue, irritability and lack of focus and concentration. In fact further down the line chronic insomnia can lead to more complex medical issues.

Natural Sleep Treatment

The best thing about hypnosis for sleep is that it is an entirely natural way to help you get a good nights sleep. Treating insomnia naturally is incredibly important especially in light of recent medical research. The British Medical Journal recently reported that adults who take sleeping pills even in small numbers over their lifetimes are four times more likely to die earlier that those who are not prescribed them. Even worse the people prescribed with these tablets were also more likely to be diagnosed with cancer. Clearly attempting to solve sleeping issues without the need for medication should be a priority for your health.

Sleep Hypnosis London

At our clinics in London we work with you to find out the reason why you may be having a problem with getting to sleep. Common issues include:

Anxiety – One of the biggest causes of sleeping problems is due to stress and anxiety.

Depression – Can impact our sleeping patterns and make us sleep too much or too little.

Our Environment – If your bedroom is too noisy or your partner sores then clearly you will have more difficultly sleeping. If your bed is old and uncomfortable or you are too hot or cold that will also have an impact.

Medical Issues – Many medical conditions can impact your sleep such as arthritis or high blood pressure.

Pain – Pain clearly will prevent many people from getting a good nights rest.

Stimulants – Any stimulant such as coffee, alcohol or drugs may stop you sleeping as well as you should.

How Hypnotherapy for Sleep Can Help You

During our first session with you we will take a comprehensive assessment to understand your particular sleeping problems and where they may come from. Once we have this information we will start by giving you a set of sleeping rules that we would like you to follow over the following weeks. We will also send you a sleep hypnosis download to listen to every evening before you go to bed. During this session we will also give you a session of hypnosis which will focus on the issues which we believe may be preventing you from sleeping. Where necessary we will also talk to you about stress reduction and relaxation as well as changes that may need to be made to your current lifestyle. A follow up session will be made to determine how these techniques worked for you. In cases where there are more complex underlying causes further analytical sessions may be required to determine the root cause of your problem.

Booking Your Sleep Sessions

Before booking with us for Hypnosis for Sleep we are always happy to offer you a free telephone consultation so that you can discuss your problem. We are available to speak to our customers on weekdays during normal working hours. Simply give us a call on 07771 804 974 to book your free consultation today.