Hypnosis for Public Speaking

If you have problems with anxiety and confidence related to speaking in public then our clinics have a specially designed program for you. It does not matter whether it is a long term problem or whether you would like some additional help preparing for speech or a presentation then we can help. We understand that speaking in public can create worry and fear especially if it is something that you do not do on a regular basis. That is why our Hypnosis for Public Speaking program works with you to give you techniques and strategies to help you deal with your fears.

In many cases a fear about public speaking begins when we are relatively young. Perhaps you were at school and participating in the school play and during your big scene you forgot your lines. Alternatively you may have been reading out loud in class and made a mistake and everyone laughed. From such small moments the bigger fear begins. Part of you decides that from that moment on you are not happy speaking in public and so you go out of your way to avoid such situations. Of course the more you avoid the problem the less practice and confidence you have and the bigger your fear gets about speaking in public. Before you know it your fear is ruling you life and impacting your work, your relationships and even your ability to socialise in groups.

Some fears of speaking in public appear later on in life and generally they are linked to lack of practice. If you are not required to speak in public as part of your job or make regular speeches then you may have never have even thought of it as an issue. Of course when you are then asked to make a public speech or presentation the fears and doubts begin. Our Hypnosis for Public Speaking in London guides you through a series of sessions so that you feel in control and calm. All of our sessions are individually tailored to your particular situation.

Overcome a Fear of Public Speaking

Generally we work with our clients over a series of sessions to help resolve their fear of speaking in public. Typically between two to four sessions are required unless you are suffering from other significant issues which need to be tackled. During our Hypnosis for Public Speaking Sessions we work you to to:

Build Your Confidence – Helping you to gain inner confidence so that you are able to speak without anxiety or fear.

Reduce Self Conscious Feelings – We help you to stop worrying about what you look like and help you concentrating on delivering the best speech or presentation that you can.

Step Our of Your Comfort Zone – helping you understand that even though you are working outside your usual comfort zone there is no need to feel afraid. In fact once you have increased the limits of possibility there is nothing standing in your way of further success.

Focus on the Positive – There is no need to fear mistakes because everyone makes them. Instead we help you to focus on what is going right when you speak.

Book Your Hypnosis for Public Speaking Session

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