Hypnosis for IBS

Irritable bowel syndrome is a very common gut problem which creates a number of distressing and uncomfortable side effects outlined below. The causes of IBS are not fully known but doctors have concluded that as well are food and hormonal issues there is also a link to stress as well as possible other psychological issues involved in the illness. A course of Hypnosis for IBS can be helpful in reducing these nasty symptoms because it targets the stress element involved in the condition.

IBS Symptoms

  • Stomach bloating
  • Diarrhoea
  • Constipation
  • Feeling Nauseous
  • Indigestion
  • Fatigue
  • Muscle or Join Pain

Although doctors will often prescribe medication to try and reduce the symptoms of IBS in many cases that is not enough to help alleviate the problem.

NICE Guidelines

NICE stands for The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence which provides national guidance and advice to improve health and social care in the UK. NICE make evidence based recommendations to improve standards of NHS care. One of their recommendations is that adults suffering from long term problems with this condition should seek Hypnosis for IBS because it can create an improvement in symptoms.

Hypnotherapy and IBS

So why does hypnosis have a good record in helping people to improve their IBS symptoms? Most evidence points to the fact that as hypnosis is a deep state of relaxation it can promote reduced anxiety and stress levels when practiced regularly. When people practice hypnosis on a regular basis it can help to reduce your heart rate, decrease your blood pressure and also reduce muscle tension. Regular hypnosis can help you feel calmer and more relaxed. As the level of relaxation increases with practice then the pain associated with the condition often reduces.

When you come to see us for Hypnosis for IBS we will take a comprehensive history of your problem and question you about your general well-being.  We pay particular attention to any areas in your life where you may feel stressed or anxious. Our first sessions are spent helping you to reduce your stress levels through hypnotherapy and teaching you self hypnosis so that you can practice these techniques at home. If necessary we will work with you to see if their is any unconscious stress or anxiety which is deeper rooted and needs to be dealt with.

The Wall Street Journal has in fact written that “two studies from Sweden found that one hour a week of hypnotherapy for 12 weeks eased symptoms of irritable-bowel syndrome in 40% of patients (compared with 12% in a control group) and that the positive effects can last as long as seven years.”

Generally we recommend a minimum of five sessions.

Booking Your IBS Hypnosis Sessions

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