Hypnosis for Emetophobia – Fear of Being Sick

A fear of being sick or Emetophobia is in fact one of the most common phobias in the UK today. It is particularly debilitating because even the possibility that a person may be sick may prevent you from living your life normally. Hypnosis for Emetophobia works with you to reduce the fears as well as find the root cause of the problem so that it can be removed. We understand that a person with Emetophobia may feel panic and fear if they:

See Vomit – They will go out of their way to avoid situations where they may see vomit.

Feel ill – If they believe that they may fall ill then the fear will be there even if there is nothing to suggest that they will be sick.

Think they may be sick in public – They may dread the thought that they could be sick in public where other people are around.

Avoidance and Emetophobia

When you suffer from Emetophobia your symptoms gradually begin to take over your life. You may find that you are not going out as much, you are avoiding certain family members, you are not eating in the same way as before and gradually you are limiting your entire lifestyle. Just some issues that you may suffer from are:

  • Avoiding public transport because you are worried about germs or illness from other passengers.
  • Avoiding Social Events in case someone is ill because of drink.
  • Avoiding restaurants because you feel that they may not be hygenic and that this could result in food poisoning.
  • Preventing pregnancy in case of morning sickness.
  • Going to extreme measures to avoid feeling ill.
  • Sitting in a place where you are easily able to escape from a situation.

Hypnotherapy for Emetophobia

Hypnotherapy for a fear of being sick helps you to understand the origins of your problem and allows your mind to change the way it thinks about the trigger event. In many cases Emetophobia can be traced all the way back to childhood. One event will act as a trigger and from that point the child will be afraid of entering into a similar situation again. For example a child may have witnessed someone else being sick and it scared them profoundly. From that point on their subconscious will create anxiety as a way of preventing them from coming across a similar situation again. The only problem is that the subconscious will go to more and more extreme lengths to avoid the trigger which severely restricts their lifestyle.

By using Hypnosis for Emetophobia a skilled hypnotherapist will trace back the origins of these irrational thoughts and then work with the subconscious to change these extreme views. This work is carried out using positive visualisation, confidence boosting, desensitisation techniques and of course relaxation to help you deal with your triggers until they lose their impact.

Booking your Stop Emetophobia Sessions

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