Gastric Band Hypnotherapy London

Gastric Band Hypnotherapy is a unique form of weight loss hypnosis which uses a combination of therapies in order to bring about change. At our clinic we use the Hypno-Band system which is fully trademarked and has been tested by thousands of therapists around the world. This system combines two very powerful therapies, Hypnosis and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy to help you change the way in which you eat. At out Gastric Band Hypnotherapy London clinic we enhance the program further by using NLP and deeper analytical hypnosis to understand why you may have an issue with food.

Our clients are told two very important facts before booking with us:

Diets Don’t Work! – We see people that have spent thousands of pounds in their lifetime on every diet going. They have drunk liquids, counted calories, removed food groups and fasted. Usually the net result is that they have just put on even more weight. The diet industry is huge but it’s success rates are low. This is mainly because the diet will focus on deprivation rather than helping individuals to understand when they are hungry or full. Our program focuses on helping you to recognise those signals and to understand the reasons why you may want to continue eating even after that signal has been given.

One Sessions Wonders Are Not Enough! – TV and the media portray hypnotists as magicians or individuals that are capable of controlling minds and changing behaviours in minutes not hours. This leads to an expectation from the general public that they can come in for an hour session and that their life will change dramatically. This is of course totally false,  a lifetime of problems can not be changed in an hour or two. Remember that in our first meeting we take a comprehensive case history of your problem which may take up at least half if not all of your first session. This is because we need to understand your unique circumstances before tailoring our Gastric Band hypnotherapy treatment to you.

Our Gastric Band Hypnotherapy London takes place over a course of five sessions which will take place over two to three months. Inbetween the sessions you will have tasks to complete to increase the effectiveness. We work together in partnership in order to change your eating patterns. This is most certainly not magic but a carefully crafted program to help you change you thoughts and behaviours. If you have severe depression, anxiety or any other emotional issues or have more than five stone to lose extra sessions may be required.

Gastric Band Hypnosis – How does it Work?

During each session of Gastric Band Hypnosis we use a combination of techniques to help you recognise when you are hungry and when you are full. The first session is an introductory session which allows us to question you in detail about your problem and any other areas of your life which may cause you to eat emotionally. In this session you will be given a set of rules to follow as well as being asked to complete a number of tasks before the next session. Generally in this session you will be given an short introductory hypnosis session purely based on suggestion hypnosis. You will also be given an audio to listen to at home.

In the second and third sessions we check in with you to see how you have got on with the tasks that you have been given. Work then begins on deeper analytical sessions under hypnosis which are interactive. During these sessions we are working with you to understand when you are hungry and when you are full. We also investigate whether there are any other deeper emotions at play which may be causing you to reach for food. Typically anger, stress, sadness and anxiety can all contribute to increased eating. Many of our clients have lived with these conditions for so long that they no longer recognise that they are a trigger. We also use Cognitive Behavioural Techniques to give you a new approach  to eating rather than falling back on your old behaviours.

Typically by the fourth session our clients are ready for the virtual gastric band operation which is a session of suggestion hypnosis. During this session you will be given a virtual operation under hypnosis to enhance the thought that your stomach is no longer able to eat as much as before. The idea is to trick the subconscious into eating less. Please note that having the suggestion hypnosis for the virtual operation is not enough. The important work that we do in the previous sessions is hugely important in creating change. During the fifth session we reinforce any of the work we have done and if necessary tackle other areas which may increase the effectiveness of the program.

Free Gastric Band Hypnotherapy Consultations

Before working with any clients we always offer a free thirty minute consultation first. During this telephone call you can assess whether the program is right for you and can ask questions about the process. We can also ascertain whether you are suitable candidate for the program. Our rule is never to see anyone for the program without speaking to them first.

What is your Success Rate?

We never quote a success rate at our clients for two important reasons.

1) Every client that we see is different and has unique issues which need to be tackled. A client who is 7 stone overweight, has depression and is getting divorced is not the same as a client who needs to last a stone and feels very motivated. Success rate statistics are meaningless but they suggest that you are comparing like for like and that is simply not the case.

2) Success rates suggest to clients that we are the people solely responsible for creating change and that simply is not the case. As a client you will be given tasks to do between the sessions. No therapist, doctor or magician can make you do them if you do not want to. A certain amount of motivation for change is required in order to complete this program.

Booking Your Sessions

If you are interested in booking a free telephone consultation for Gastric Band Hypnotherapy London or would like to discuss any other form of weight loss hypnosis with us then please give us a call. We can be reached on 07771 804 974 for more details.