Fear of Driving Hypnosis

A fear or phobia of driving is extremely common and a problem that we come across regularly in our clinics. Generally we see people who are able to drive but only under certain conditions to those who find it impossible to drive at all. Fear of Driving Hypnosis can help you learn to feel calmer and more in control as well as helping you to find out what your underlying problem may be.  Just some of the ways in which this fear manifests itself include:

Complete Fear of Driving – When you are unable to even get into a car and begin to drive. Just the thought of driving makes you feel anxious and fearful. Clearly this problem is even greater if you life in a location where a car is a necessity.

Motorway Fears – Motorways are one of the areas where new drivers do not get as much practice as they would like. The motorway can seem a daunting place because of the speed and the sheer volume of traffic. Many drivers with this fear will drive for miles to avoid using a motorway to get to their destination.

Busy Traffic – Of course motorways are not the only areas where traffic may be heavy. In the centre of towns or dual carriageways the problem cat be acute especially in rush hour. Many people experience problems coping with busy traffic and may avoid travelling at peak times to get round this problem.

Driving Test Fears – Being placed under test conditions is never pleasant especially when your every move is being watched. Many learner drivers lack confidence and worry about their performance under these conditions which increases their anxiety.

Help for Driving Fears

Fear of Driving Hypnosis can help you to feel relaxed and more in control. One of the first techniques that we teach you is deep relaxation to make you feel less fearful and anxious. Through the use of self hypnosis and NLP we can help you to reduce any negative thoughts or feelings so that you can become calmer. As our work progresses we may also use mental rehearsal techniques so that you can visualise yourself driving in any conditions without feeling the same l

Analytical Hypnotherapy for Driving

Sometimes our clients will need to go beyond the surface of their problem to fully resolve their fear or phobia. Very often it is in fact not the fear of driving that is the problem but other stress or anxiety which is causing the problem. We have seen examples of clients who did not want to get in the car because they were worried about what was at the end of their journey. Perhaps they disliked their work or were afraid of meeting new people. Sometimes the client is suffering from generalised anxiety which has been with them for years. We are experts in helping people to find out the underlying issue related to their problem and resolving it..

Booking Your Hypnotherapy Session

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