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Daily Mail Article 6th October 2015

Hypnotherapy for Nail Biting

Daily Mirror Article January 29th 2015

Professional comment on how hypnosis can help with fears and phobias. Linked to article on Faye Ripley and her insect phobia.

Natural Health Magazine January 2014

Boost Your Confidence Article.

Natural Health Magazine January 2014

LBC Radio – Julia Hartley Brewer Show 8th October 2013

Hypnosis Expert Fears and Phobias.

TV Pilot as Hypnotherapy Expert in Memory Retrieval September 2013

Pilot was called “The One That Got Away” and the TV Production Company was Nerd TV.

Emerald Street April 2013

Balance Hypnosis London has been featured in another artiicle on the Emerald Street Website:

Do you have the confidence to head up the parade?

Emerald Street February 2013

Balance Hypnosis London has been featured in 2 articles on the Emerald Street Website:

Do you recognise this woman?
Why you should use up all your holiday this year

Rapport Magazine Winter 2012

Balance Hypnosis London has been featured in an article called ‘Trance TV’ in Rapport Magazine. View PDF

Pregnancy and Birth Magazine September 2012

This article was printed in the September issue of ‘Pregnancy and Birth’ magazine and features input from Balance Hypnosis London.

Pregnancy and Birth Magazine September 2012 Pregnancy and Birth Magazine September 2012 Pregnancy and Birth Magazine September 2012

Fabulous Magazine / The Sun 8th April 2012

This article was printed in The Sun newspaper’s ‘Fabulous’ magazine supplement on 8th April 2012 and features input from Balance Hypnosis London.

The Sun

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How to make anything happen: Want something you can’t have? Pah. We show you how to put yourself in the driving seat

While it’s true that we can’t all win the lottery or find stardom on The Voice, we can make things happen for ourselves. It takes an open mind, a positive attitude and the right outfit. Yes, an excuse for shopping – thank us later. Here, the pros share their tips so you can always get what you want.

Get a game plan

In the words of Ryan Reynolds in those cheesy Hugo Boss ads: “I don’t expect success; I prepare for it”. Whether it’s a new job, man or a slimmer you, if you want something, you need a plan, Batman. And a clever one at that. Cue psychologist Dr Ilona Jerabek. “Work out the five things you want most and turn them into SMART goals,” she advises.

Each goal must be…

Specific “I’m going to lose 10lb”, not just “I want to lose weight”.

Measurable “I will weigh myself every week.”

Attainable, Relevant and Time-bound “I want to lose 10lb in three months.” Stick copies of your SMART goals in your diary, on your fridge and your computer at work. They will provide the constant but gentle reminders you need to stay on track.

Face the fear

Successful people venture outside their comfort zone – whether it’s in business or to find a relationship. But rather than chatting up that fittie in the coffee shop, you’re hiding behind a skinny latte.

So how do you step out of the shadow of that Starbucks mug? Clinical hypnotherapistMartina McKeough from Balance Hypnosis London recommends visualisation.“Imagine yourself in a month’s time in a great relationship,” she says. “How good does that feel? Hold on to that feeling and go back to it when you need to.” So if you picture yourself and the coffee-shop hottie loved-up, it will help you chat. “It can be helpful to have an elastic band around your wrist to ping when you need a reminder and a bravery boost,”adds Martina. Just don’t let him see you doing it. It’s not the best conversation starter!

On a diet? Tell yourself you’re beautiful and your brain will help you lose weight as your new outlook banishes negativity and keeps you positive. Need convincing? Read Adore Yourself Thin by Lisa Jackson.

Luck out

According to research, people who think that they’re lucky often end up performing better and are more likely to achieve their goals than Moaning Myrtles.*

“The mind is incredibly powerful, so if you’re thinking positively about something, chances are you’re going to feel more upbeat and be energised enough to keep aiming for what you want,” says Martina.

You shouldn’t mock people with a lucky charm either, even if it is a manky, old cuddly toy they once took on Blockbusters. Psychologists have found that these charms do work. Golfers were put to the test, with half of them told they were playing with a lucky ball and the rest a normal one. Both were just your average dimpled, white golf balls, but those with the “lucky ball” sank two more putts on average than the others, meaning the lucky charm increased their performance by 35 per cent. It seems the idea of something being special, or “lucky”, encourages positivity and boosts confidence. See, we told you not to laugh.

Cameron Diaz wears a lucky necklace and Jessica Alba loves her leather bracelets, FYI. Oh, and Heidi Klum carries around her own milk teeth as a talisman. So there’s no reason not to grab that four-leafed clover or slip on your special knickers and think yourself lucky.

  • Summer fortune People born between March and August believe themselves to be luckier than those born during the rest of the year. May babies think they’re the luckiest.*

Dress to impress

Frankly, we’ll take any excuse to accessorise. Yep, you can do mind trickery with a little bit of help from your outfit. How? Well, apparently we make snap judgments based on appearances in one 10th of a second* so you can work this to your advantage in any get-what-you-want situation.

  • Get promoted “Take your fashion cues at work from people who have the job you want,” says personal image consultant Lyn Bromley. If you dress the part then it’s easier for the boss to promote you.
  • Kick-start your love life Slip on something red. Studies show that men find women at their most alluring when they dare to wear a scarlet shade.*
  • Make new friends Women who wear make-up were voted “more likeable” in a poll* so slap on some slap. “Don’t overdo it though,” warns Lyn. Copying the TOWIE girls could scare people off.
  • Smile It makes people think they can trust you and helps them relax. Meanwhile you can busy yourself getting all you want from them. Cunning!

Fake it till you make it

Not feeling it yet? Don’t panic. Use these two techniques to fake it.

  • Copycat Make like your fave celeb to get ahead. “It can be helpful to think of someone you admire and copy their attributes,” says Martina. So if you want the bravado of Beyoncé or the business nose of Michelle Mone, act like them. Booty shaking at the boss is not to be advised – but thinking more about your famous mentor’s poise and attitude definitely is.
  • Mirror mirror Trying to convince your mother-in-law to stop meddling? Desperate to borrow your BFF’s new dress? Try doing things their way in order to get what you want. “Match the other person’s eye contact, try using some of their phrases and copy their hand gestures and body movements,” says Martina. “This sends a subliminal message to the other person that you’re like them – and they’re more likely to give you what you want.”

Studies show that two people who like each other strengthen their bond by subconsciously mirroring each other’s mannerisms. So you’re just, ahem, speeding the process along a little. Follow the tips below for a how-to guide to mirroring – and therefore to getting your own way. Natch.


  • Lean forward It creates trust and intimacy.
  • Touch your hair It shows you’re a little bit vulnerable. Like them. Like everyone.


  • Cross your legs Too obvious. Plus there’s a risk of flashing your pants if you’re not concentrating. Never good.
  • Cough Ridiculous. Unless you have a proper chesty cough of course. Full on mimicking is seen as mockery y’know.