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Hypnotherapy for Confidence

Hypnotherapy for Confidence is one of the foundation stones that we use in all forms of hypnosis treatments in order to help our clients reach their goals. If you want to stop smoking then you need to have confidence in yourself that you can do it. If you want to lose weight then you need to believe that you can stop overeating and make changes to your diet. If you want to do well at work the you need to believe in yourself and be able to speak up and be seen and heard so that people take notice of you.

As a former City Trader I worked in an area where confidence was key and this was especially important as a woman working in a traditional male work environment. There was no place to hide in a trading room and if you didn’t have confidence and belief in yourself then you would quickly fail and find yourself moved to a different area or a person who was now surplus to requirements! Not all jobs are so cut throat but the same principles apply. Without having confidence in your skills and yourself you will find yourself overlooked when it comes to promotion and salary raises. Hypnotherapy for Confidence teaches you the skills you need in order to feel empowered and to believe in yourself again.

In my Hypnotherapy for Confidence sessions I use hypnotherapy and NLP techniques to help you shine. Confidence is a great thing because as soon as you get even a little bit it can start to grow when nurtured in the correct way. Over a series of sessions I work with my clients to find their hidden abilities and to reach their goals. You can even check out my latest article in Emerald Street which has some top tips from myself and some other professional confidence coaches.


Hypno-Band London

I have been using the Hypno-Band at my clinics in London and Hertfordshire for a number of years now and I am always amazed at the transformations in some of my clients. Gastric Band Hypnotherapy is amazing because it really fools your subconscious into believing that you have had a band fitted during virtual surgery. As it is a Virtual Gastric Band it offers a natural and safe way to lose weight. The program also looks at your eating habits and through the use of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and Hypnosis it can help transform the way you eat forever. We currently offer the Hypno-Band London in Harley Street Central London and Palmers Green North London.

Gastric band hypnosis works so well because it uses the power of hypnosis to make your subconscious believe that your stomach has reduced in size. This means that you will begin to feel full much faster than usual and so you will eat smaller portions and even leave food on your plate. It also cuts out the need for risky and expensive surgery costing thousands of pounds. At my clinic I frequently get calls from people who have had the real gastric band and although they tend to lose weight initially many of them start to put the pounds back on a few years later. They find ways in which they can cheat the band because the emotional reason for their overeating hasn’t been helped. The Hypno-Band London assists you in finding out why you have the need to over eat and helps you to address the problem.

In most cases when my clients come to see me there is an emotional root cause for their overeating. Everyone is different and so the reasons vary but common problems include stress, loneliness, boredom, comfort and sugar addiction. This is why we spend a number of sessions with you getting to the heart of why you have an emotional attachment to food. Don’t be fooled by practitioners who offer one session programs as they will only scratch the surface of your problems. The Hypno-Band London aims to spend time with you over a period of at least 2 months to discover exactly what your issues are and helping you to work through them before the band is even fitted.

We offer all Hypno-Band London customers a free telephone consultation where we can assess whether you are suitable for the band. In particular we will discuss any medical issues you have which could prevent you from losing weight. This discussion is also used so that you can ask us questions about the treatment protocol so that you are entirely happy with the procedure. If you would like to get more information about the Hypno-band or would like to book a session then please call 020 8351 2744.


Fertility Hypnotherapy

A very interesting article in the Daily Mail today which explains some of the reasons why women are experiencing problems conceiving. One of the first issues that the article mentions is stress and as hypnotherapy practitioners have known for years this can prevent ovulation and disrupt you chances of conceiving. Hypnotherapy for Fertility helps because it works with you to reduce the stress that you are feeling particularly if you have been having trouble conceiving for some time.

The article also mentions that obesity is another reason why some women are finding it difficult to get pregnant. Lifestyle changes are always recommended before trying for a child and they can include, drinking in moderation, stopping smoking and eating a healthier diet. Hypnotherapy for Fertility works as it guides you through these lifestyle changes and helps you to change your old habits to new positive behaviours.

Using IVF to conceive is of course an option but the strain of going down this route can create problems for some couples. Hypnotherapy for Fertility has been proven to increase your chances of conceiving through IVF by 50% which is a considerable change in the odds simply through the power of relaxation. At our London Hypnotherapy Fertility Clinic we work with women and men to deal with the stress involved in trying to conceive and help you to find balance and relaxation again so the odds are moved in your favour.



Top 100 Weight Loss Blogs To Follow In 2013

Balance Hypnosis London are proud to be featured as one of the top 100 weight loss blogs to follow in 2013 (we are at number 68). Our work with Weight Loss Hypnotherapy in London and Gastric Band Hypnotherapy using the Hypno-Band system is clearly starting to be noticed. We are also in great company with companies such as My Fitness Pal also featuring. If you would like more information about how hypnotherapy can help you to lose weight and feel full more quickly then feel free to contact us for more information.

Top 100 Weight loss blogs to follow

An infographic by the team at CouponAudit


Hypnotherapy for Fertility

Hypnotherapy for Fertility is fast becoming a new way of enhancing your ability to conceive.  Hypnotherapy is a deep and concentrated state of focused relaxation and during this state you are allowing your mind to recover from the stresses and strains of everyday life. Infertility is often caused by stress so clearly learning how to unwind and relax can already be beneficial to your bodies general well being.

Society often creates the myth that getting pregnant is simple and easy and something which a woman should do easily and naturally. Of course when conception doesn’t happen so easily then it is easy for a couple to start to feel stressed and under pressure. As each month ticks without a sign of pregnancy this stress will increase and before your know it your are feeling helpless and on edge. This is obviously the exact opposite state of the one you need to be in order to become pregnant. Hypnotherapy for Fertility teaches you to remain relaxed and calm so that instead of living in a state of stress your body is in a more harmonious state for conception.

In fact Hypnotherapy for Fertility has been proven by scientists to maximise your chances of becoming pregnant. Soroka University in Israel conducted trials on a group of women who were undergoing IVF treatment. During their study they discovered that the women who had used hypnotherapy in their trials were twice as likely to conceive.  This is quite an amazing statistic and shows that being in a calm, relaxed state of mind for birth can make a big difference to your chances of becoming pregnant.

In addition to being beneficial for general relaxation and well being hypnosis can also help in other areas linked to conception. If for example your are carrying around negative emotions in relation to your attempts for a baby this can be addressed under hypnosis. Hypnotherapy for Fertility is used to create a balanced mind and body and it does this by preparing you mentally for the challenges ahead. In particular the following techniques are often used in Fertility sessions to boost your chances of success.

Future Visualisation Exercises – Hypnotherapy is a powerful tool to help you visualise exactly where you want to be. It can help you to imagine getting your body in the exact right state for conception. Once this has been achieve hypnosis can also assist you in tricking your mind into believing that you are already pregnant so that you get those feelings throughout your body.

Resolving Unconscious Resistance – Sometimes we may be unaware of negative emotions that our subconscious is carrying around with you. Hypnotherapy for Fertility can help you find out these unconscious thoughts so that they can be addressed openly. Typical blocks may be worrying that if you get pregnant you may not get promoted at work, that you may not have enough money to raise a child or even that the partner you are with is not the most suitable person to be with.

Lifestyle Issues – Sometimes the way in which we are living can also stop our chances of success. If you need hypnosis to eat healthier food or lose weight or even stop smoking we can assist your to achieve those goals.

Hypnotherapy for Fertility in London can help you to achieve your goals and boost your chances of becoming pregnant. Call us today for more details on how we can help you to conceive.

Kate Middleton – Hypnosis For Morning Sickness

Hypnosis for Morning Sickness is not a new technique in fact is has been helpful to many mothers who have used it as part of their Hypnobirthing classes for many years. The idea is to start using the power of the mind to alleviate the symptoms and to make the expectant mother feel more relaxed and calm. In Kate Middleton’s case she has been using it to help her remove the negative association she now has with food. Just some of the benefits of using Hypnosis for morning sickness I’ve outlined below:

1) Anxiety is reduced – The more a person worries about a problem the more likely they are to create feelings of stress and anxiety. The deep relaxation from hypnosis helps you to feel calmer and relaxed.

2) Nausea Management – Suggestions can be given to ease the nausea symptoms. For example to get the person with the sickness to imagine they are drinking a cool clear liquid that will ease the symptoms quickly and easily. This technique can also be used with cancer patients who are using chemotherapy.

3) Suggestions for Wellbeing – In addition to suggestions for nausea reduction further suggestions will be given for increased energy, improved appetite and a general all over feeling of wellbeing.

4) Relaxation – Never underestimate the power of relaxation when using hypnosis for morning sickness. When you are in a state of deep relaxation you are feeling peaceful and tranquil and are able to charge your batteries again before facing the world. Practicing these techiques a number of times a day can improve your state of mind considerably.


Find me On Emerald Street

Thrilled to have been asked to contribute to an article in Emerald Street this morning. It is all about holidays and why you need to take them. Click the link to find out more.


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Anxiety Hypnotherapy in Harley Street

Anxiety comes in many forms and when it strikes it can turn your world upside down. You may have a general feeling of worry or fear within you all the time or alternatively only at certain points when you are confronted with your trigger situation.

Typical symptoms for anxiety sufferers may include shortness of breath, increased heart rate, sweating and an adrenaline rush stopping the person from relaxing. Any level of anxiety can increase our stress levels, prevent us from sleeping and in extreme cases cause depression and feelings of helplessness.

At Balance Hypnosis in Harley Street London we work with our clients to help them understand why they are getting those feelings and then help them to remove or neutralise them so that they can feeling calmer and less out of control.

Everyone will experience anxiety at some point in their life, it is only natural and a small amount of anxiety can make our adrenaline flow and push us into action. When anxious feelings get out of control then they start to have a negative impact on our lives. Perhaps your performance will suffer at work, you will be unable to concentrate, or you experience feelings of dread and fear which simply won’t go away.

At our hypnotherapy clinic in Harley Street London we work with you to bring your anxious feelings and unpleasant symptoms back under control again. Relaxation and coping techniques are taught in the very first sessions so that you will be able to replicate these calm feelings for yourself. Then once your symptoms are more under control we will work with you to find out the underlying cause for your fears so that the same feelings don’t continue to resurface further down the line.

Our unique Harley Street Anxiety Hypnotherapy program can be found at The Westlake Clinic Harley Street Central London. Contact us on

020 8351 2755 to get more details about how we can help you.