Hypnotherapy for Sports Performance

Olympic Hypnotherapy – How I use Hypnosis for Sports Performance

Considering the wonderful success of Team GB so far in the Olympics I thought I had to write a quick blog on one of the lesser known aspects of hypnosis. It can make you better at your chosen sport and it in the professional sporting arena it can help you win medals. Yep you heard me, hypnosis isn’t only used for smoking cessation or weight loss it is increasingly used by professional athletes, sporting clubs and teams to increase their chances of success.

In my practice an increasing numbers of clients are coming to see me to make improvements to their sporting performance so that they can increase their competitive edge. Think about it, if you are spending considerable time, money or effort on your sport or hobby then you generally want to constantly improve, beat your opponents and pass any tests on the way. Sounds easy but in fact to get to the top of your sport takes time, dedication and practice as well as a positive mental attitude. What is on your mind when you are in a race, performing solo or working in a team can make the difference between success and failure and that is where hypnosis can make the difference.

The Olympic cycling team this year described how many small tweaks and improvements to their diet, bike, training, suits and mindset contributed to their stunning performance. They understood that every single aspect needed to be looked at and improved upon so that they could achieve their goes. If a person has a negative mindset is easily distracted or lacks confidence then their quest to be the best can be in vain. You can have the right equipment, support staff and all the money in the world but if you haven’t got the right mental attitude you will not succeed. Working with a hypnotherapist or sports psychologist helps to tune out any distractions, mentally rehearse success and remove any blocks or barriers.

Hypnosis isn’t quackery or something that is used just to entertain. The best of the best use it in order to dominate their sport including Tiger Woods and Michael Jordan. Hypnotherapy for sporting performance is becoming increasingly popular and more mainstream. Expect to hear more about it over the coming months and years as it is here to stay and can make the world of difference to success or failure.