Hypnotherapy in London

Expert Hypnosis Help With a Harley Street Hypnotherapist in London

Martina At Balance Hypnosis we are specialists in helping our clients remove unwanted habits, problems or thoughts which may be preventing them from reaching their full potential. Negative symptoms or issues can impact your life severely and stop you attaining your goals. Our mission is to help our clients find a way forward so that they experience positive and lasting changes. If you are looking for Hypnotherapy in London we have clinics in Central London Harley Street and also in North London which can assist you on your journey. Our flagship London Clinic is based at The Hale Clinic which is pne of the UK’s premier destinations for Hypnotherapy in London. We also have a clinic in Hornsey which offers Hypnotherapy in North London.  Our satellite Hypnosis clinics are based in Hertfordshire and can be found in the centre of St Albans and also in Brookmans Park near Potters Bar and Hatfield. All our clinics offer the latest cutting edge treatments to assist you in making positive steps to achieving new thoughts and behaviours. Just some of our treatments include weight loss, smoking cessation, anxiety help, fertility hypnosis, fear and phobia removal and the Hypno-Band. All our clinics offer a caring and confidential environment where our clients are able to discuss their issues in a relaxed manner.

Online Hypnotherapy

Just as technology has progressed so has the way in which hypnosis can be delivered. We are now able to schedule online hypnotherapy appointments with clients via Skype or Facetime. This method of communication has been fully endorsed by the General Hypnotherapy Register. For clients this means that you can now experience the benefits of hypnosis without ever leaving your home. Simply send an email to us via our Contact Page and we will be happy to schedule an appointment with you. This method of delivering hypnosis is ideal for people who are time poor or who are physically incapable of getting to our clinics.

Balance Hypnotherapy London Treatments

Hypnosis can have a significant impact on the way that you think, feel and behave. For many people it has the capability to transform their life by achieving permanent results. Above all hypnosis unlike medication is entirely natural and does not have unwanted side effects. Forget the image of stage hypnosis where the hypnotherapist mentions the word sleep. In fact there is no sleep at all in hypnosis just a lovely state of deep relaxation. As a client you are always in control whilst the hypnotherapist guides you to make changes in the way you feel through visualisation, mental rehearsal and other therapeutic techniques. Just some of the issues that we treat include:

  • Weight Loss
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Fertility
  • Gastric Band Hypnotherapy
  • Bulimia
  • Premature Ejaculation
  • Fears and Phobias
  • Confidence
  • Panic Attacks
  • Stop Smoking
  • Children’s Therapy
  • Hypnobirthing

If you would like to arrange a free telephone consultation to discuss a problem or issue or would like to arrange an appointment for Hypnotherapy in London call us on 07771 804 974 and we will be happy to help.